The 5 most colorful places on earth!

September 21, 2015

Our world is full of colourful places! We’ve have gathered some of the most colourful spectacles for you!

1. Procida, Italy :This tiny island is stacked with charming candy-coloured homes set against the brilliant blue backdrop of the Mediterranean bellissimo.burrand island 2. Luoping, China: The sprawling farmlands of this dramatic, mountainous county in Eastern China become a “golden sea” when canola blooms are in season.sarga sivatag 3. Shibazakura Hill, Japan: In springtime, the fields at the base of Mount Fuji erupt with hundreds of thousands of moss blooms, or “shibazakura”, in varying shades of pink.

4. Lake Natron, Tanzania: This shallow salt and soda lake is so saline that it’s completely inhospitable for most flora and fauna. The trade-off? It has the most amazing red water colour and electric orange shores.lake natron 5. Burrano Island, Italy: Oh, come on! This teeny-tiny island is like a small jewel in the middle of the sea!procida

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