The 5 most colorful animals in the world!

June 18, 2015

The animal kingdom is home to an array of colors, but we think these ones win the trophy!
5. The monarch butterfly:

FYTC_animals_pt1 (1)

Butterflies are very pretty and colorful – right? Well, those bright colors are not just for style: the monarch butterfly for example, shows it’s poisonous by the use of color!


4. Sailfish:

FYTC_animals_pt1 (2)

The sailfish is a simple, blue fish…except when it’s hunting! When it seeks prey, its dorsal fin lights up like a traffic light. It confuses its prey, and helps guides other sailfishes to the hunt!


3. Flamingo:

FYTC_animals_pt1 (3)

Remember the phrase, you are what you eat? Well, flamingos take it literally: their pink color is caused by the algae they eat!
2. Bird of paradise:

FYTC_animals_pt1 (4)

Sometimes color is not enough! The male bird of paradise uses an exotic dance routine to woo females, and show of its bright plumage!
1. Chameleon:

FYTC_animals_pt1 (5)

Okay, we all saw this coming…but what you didn’t know, is that chameleons don’t change colour on a whim: their skin pigments react to the temperature and light of its surroundings, and even the mood of the chameleon!

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