The 5 most colorful animals in the world! Part 2

August 17, 2015

The animal kingdom is home to an array of colors, but these ones are the winners!
5. Baboons: Red. Butts. Need we say more?!

4. Clownfish: Incidentally, not funny at all. Quite territorial on the other hand, they would “attack” divers who get too close to their reefside homes!Animals_pt2_4_fb
3. Blue footed booby: hehe. Booby – aaaaanyway, these maritime birds’ blue feet are very important during mating season. The brighter the legs, the sexier the male!Animals_pt2_3_fb
2. Sockeye salmon: Salmon are generally blue and silver…but, when they venture upstream to spawn, they turn bright red!Animals_pt2_2_fb
1. Weedy Sea Dragon: A MONSTER FROM THE DEPTHS! …but definitely quite colorful!


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