Red & Blue

June 18, 2015

Lipstick, sports cars, love….I think you get it. Red is the most emotionally charged color. It makes you look more desirable, sexy and stand out from the crowd. Going on a date? Wear red!
Unfortunately, the thing that makes it such a good color for a date or everyday life is it’s greatest fault too: being an extreme color, it is best to avoid wearing it when going for an exam or your first job interview. It’s also not the best – however awesome – color for your first car: studies show that thieves usually go for red cars over others!

The complete opposite of red. Peaceful, tranquil color, perfect for producing a calm, reliable image when worn (spoken exams, wink-wink). Also, interesting fact, that painting your room blue makes you more productive! Still, everything in moderation: too much blue can make you look cold and depressing.

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