Fun facts from the world of colors! Part 9.

September 16, 2015

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33. In Japanese culture, the colour green and blue were basically the same before WWII. It wasn’t until the American occupation that they started distinguishing between the two.

34. Seeing red? For us humans to much red can get us agitated but for a chicken it’s the best thing ever! As it soothes them, and helps them sleep better ahhhhhh.FYTC_Funfacts9_2
35. What came first: the colour or the fruit? Orange, in English refers to both the fruit and it’s colour. Little known fact is that the fruit came first, since the original shade was called geoluhread.FYTC_Funfacts9_3
36. Colours don’t exist. YUP. Technically, colours are just results when our brains try to make sense of signals it receives from the outside!FYTC_Funfacts9_4

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