Fun facts from the world of colors! Part 4.

July 24, 2015

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13. Ever wondered why so many fast-food logos are shades of red & yellow? Researchers found out that this combination can actually make you hungry!Funfacts4 (1)

14. Bulls do not have color preferences, actually it’s the movement of the “muleta” (the red drape) that gets them riled up.Funfacts4 (2)
15. Remember #thedress? The reason why so many people saw it white-gold instead of blue-black is the difference in how our brain interprets color, called color constancy. (And some serious white-balance issues on the picture!)Funfacts4 (3)
16. In the early 20th century pink was the color of boys and blue was for girls! The reason was that pink was deemed to be the stronger color, and so thought more suitable for a boy, while blue was deemed to be more delicate and dainty, and so thought to be prettier for a girl.   Funfacts4 (4)

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