Free Your True Colors music video!

July 1, 2015

It is finally here! Let your creativity soar, and Free Your True Colors with STABILO!
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“The Battle” is a band formed in 2014 and based in Budapest. Their style is lyrics-oriented drum’n’bass, electro. The band members are Saci Szécsi (lead vocals, keyboard), Soma Balázs (guitar), Máriusz Fodor (vocals, keyboard), Miklós Toldi (drums, guitar). The members of the band first met in Budapest, in 2004, when Máriusz Fodor, Miklós Toldi and Soma Balázs were asked to arrange a song together for Saci Szécsi and her sister in a studio. From the very first moment they inspired each other and worked together in full harmony, so they decided to form a band completing the line-up with Saci. After hearing the first demos, Saci shortly joined the group as a singer. The band is currently working on their debut album, due to release in autumn 2015.

STABILO chose The Battle to be the musical ambassadors for a new generation of creative people. STABILO stands for so much more than writing, highlighting and coloring. In the campaign we promote the importance of self-expression. The music video is an explosion of colors, music, dance and creativity and carries a single and powerful message: “Free Your True Colors”!
Enjoy, be involved and be inspired.

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